PETG plastic for 3D printer

The Creozone store periodically has promotions with a decrease in the price of plastic. Inside there is a bag of silica gel. Received the spools of Creozone plastic ordered for the promotion. Pay attention – there is excessive hairiness. Although you can write something like creozone sss 1.1 and so on. Somewhat reminiscent of a PLA coil.
I liked the PET — the layers lay down well, with heating the adhesion is excellent. Preheat 70.90°C Print Speed: 30-60 mm/sec. And share my impressions of PETG printing. Creozone packaging is standard. Pen for something.
Brand sticker If you want to buy this plastic, wait for a reasonable price (currently about $30 for exotic, about $23 for regular PLA/ABS). Even without any code words, the seller will make a discount.
The spool itself is different in shape from the nylon spool.
There is an insert, again with coupons)))
Printed figurines that can be attached to sticks. Personal impression: temperature 245°C and table 65°C. Otherwise, do not tear off))))
Photograph of the coils in the package. The vase turned out to be nothing What came of it, you can see under the cut. PETG: 230-260℃ (446-500℉)
Creoson PETG Specs:
There is also black PET. Greetings to everyone interested in 3D printing and not only. Tolerance: ±0.03mm Photo of a one-kilogram coil from a PETG lot. It is necessary to increase the retract.
A couple of tips – it’s better to print with opaque plastic (black PETG is more suitable for this) and use a flashlight without a divergent lens (otherwise the contours of the figures will be fuzzy).

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A simple vase on a scale for a dollhouse. Since I bought PETG on one of the promotions, and the seller gave an additional good discount on the code word, I indicate item 18. As far as PETG is concerned, it is now possible to buy stocks at a similar price from other manufacturers, but nylon and other exotic stocks remain profitable to buy.
We need to add a screen and light.
The spool of plastic is packed in a hard vacuum bag. I’ve been wanting to make a shadow theater for a long time. Other colors can be ordered from a warehouse from China (long enough). Diameter: 1.75mm
Suitable for flowers for dolls)
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that successful printing with PET will require not only heating, but also something to increase adhesion (adhesive tape, stickers, etc.).
Under the microscope. Although of course you need to check with a micrometer along the entire length.

The photo shows a comparison of nylon and PET packaging
There are no drips of plastic, hair, etc. inside.

PETG plastic for 3D printer

A few print examples. Print temperatures: I bought as standard – one of the shares. Place an order and don’t pay. So far)))) Something like this I ordered in October – in addition to the promotional price, the seller additionally made a few bucks a discount, I got it very well. The plastic turned out to be durable, more resistant than PLA.
PETG once again proved to be on the good side – the layers are even. Plastic there with a margin))))
The bottom also turned out even and smooth. Printed on adhesive sticker, first layer 0.3mm, then standard. For comparison, below is a segment after the extruder (pulled out of the Bowden tube, a notch from the gear is visible).
The enlarged retract removed the extra cobweb from the part.
OEM supplier and manufacturer of plastic If you make the layer less than 0.3 mm, then it will be problematic to detach the finished part)))
Plastic turned out to be cheaper than Russian counterparts, the quality is not bad. Weight: 1 kg (2.20 lbs) An impromptu theater can be made from any large box, A4 paper and a flashlight. The diameter of the different segments is 1.75 mm. Moulds- cuttings for dough
A box-case for something And if PLA can be taken for a try (And the plastic is not bad, but somewhat more expensive than FDplast), then any exotic type in a large lot with PETG / WOOD / NYLON plastic and so on turns out to be quite profitable. Two segments from the coil – the plastic is smooth without thickening, without bubbles and without foreign inclusions. I ordered from a warehouse in the Russian Federation, so I received everything quickly enough.
A sticker with the type of plastic, weight and packing date. It’s just that he didn’t seal it on the glass, but if I smeared it with something, then things went more successfully.
One of the features of white PETG is translucency.
It’s nice that the weight is just over 1 kg. Technology Features: Zero-bubble